Read some of the feedback we get from our happy learners.

I found the course informative, all the trainers were very knowledgeable and approachable, and doing the course via Zoom worked well.

Jade C.

Course: Sleep Practitioner

An interesting and thorough course. I felt very prepared after the course to start my new career as a sleep consultant.

Tami W.

Course: Sleep Practitioner

I love what I have learnt through this program and would definitely recommend anyone wanting to do any of the above courses to do it with the London School Of Childcare Studies.

Nerrie P.

Course: Maternity

I really enjoy the format of the lesson, and assessment, as this put you to work in the research to found solutions and this create a great habit in wanting to learn more and more. This actually put yourself to create your unique way to learn and be confident in your decision when you will use the notions you did learn in the practicality of the job.

Jennifer B.

Course: Sleep Practitioner