Read some of the feedback we get from our happy learners.

I found the course informative, all the trainers were very knowledgeable and approachable, and doing the course via Zoom worked well.

Jade C.

Course: Sleep Practitioner

An interesting and thorough course. I felt very prepared after the course to start my new career as a sleep consultant.

Tami W.

Course: Sleep Practitioner

Lucy has a wealth of knowledge with feeding babies! The bonus courses you get from LSCS is remarkable.

Bryony P.

Course: Starting Solids

Just taken the Reflux, Colic & Food Sensitivities class and found the content to be really useful and well delivered, giving product recommendations and case studies. This class will really help to develop my new business and I will definitely be taking other classes! Can't wait to start my next course in July

Jessica H.

Course: Reflux, Colic…

Super interesting course learning all about the behaviour of the brain. I learnt lots of new information that I will use in my daily working life as a nanny. Thank you so much Miriam Chachamu, your knowledge and experience is wonderful to listen to and learn from. I will no doubt be back for another course.

Amy R.

Course: Behaviour & the Brain

The course was extremely interesting and informative. Miriam Chachamu, the well-known family therapist, was great while sharing her knowledge and experience with us. The content of the course was very much related to my work with children. All that I have learnt in the course will certainly help me understand and respond to children’s behaviour much better. I would highly recommend this course both to parents and anyone working with children, as it will completely transform your approach to children’s behaviour in different situations.

Veronika A.

Course: Behaviour & the Brain

Varied & interesting.

Roxana P.

Course: Maternity

Nice and friendly management and helpful instructor

Ruth D.

Course: Maternity

The course was very interesting and detailed. It gave me a lot of ideas and inspiration to take on board and use in my daily work at the childcare setting.

Sarah S.

Course: Fussy Eating

Highly recommended. The workshop was run by a highly experienced trainer who was able to balance perfectly well the comments of the students whilst covering the workshop material without rushing through. Thanks so much!

Patricia U.

Course: Emotional Intelligence

I love what I have learnt through this program and would definitely recommend anyone wanting to do any of the above courses to do it with the London School Of Childcare Studies.

Nerrie P.

Course: Maternity

I really enjoy the format of the lesson, and assessment, as this put you to work in the research to found solutions and this create a great habit in wanting to learn more and more. This actually put yourself to create your unique way to learn and be confident in your decision when you will use the notions you did learn in the practicality of the job.

Jennifer B.

Course: Sleep Practitioner

I really enjoyed the course! Found it easy to understand and to apply at work.

Ines S.

Course: Healthy Eating

This course covered issues that are current and up to date and informative. The way that the law sees things is constantly moving on and it is good to know where we stand and what we can do as nannies.

Hannah D.

Course: Common Core Update

The training course was great because it teaches you how to save lives and it is essential to be aware of the dangers when especially at work and how to handle them on your own.

Connie B.

Course: First Aid

A good course for covering everything you need to know when administering first aid on children. Instructor was knowledgeable and used real life scenarios to explain first aid.

Lisa G.

Course: First Aid

Kickstart to your business is a very well presented course. Thank you, I took some great points regarding advertising myself more effectively.

Stanislava C.

Course: Kickstart

I have enjoyed doing my level three CACHE Diploma with LSCS. The location was great and the information, although a lot, was not overwhelming .

Andreea D.

Course: CACHE Diploma