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Develop comprehensive sleep plans for children

Non-Medical Maternity Nurse

Support families with their new-borns

Qualified Child Carer/Nanny

Start a rewarding career as a Professional Nanny

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Become Voluntary registered with Ofsted


Formerly known as the Home Affairs Training Academy (HATA), we deliver expert courses designed specifically for people looking to pursue their career within the private childcare industry.

We have trained thousands of students from industry professionals looking to enhance their skills to beginners starting their careers in this fun and rewarding profession. We have a range of courses to suit all  with different career pathways and look forward to welcoming you onto our next course. Read more 

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Online courses allow you to progress at your own pace

Maternity Nurse (non-medical) Level 3 Online

A Maternity Nurse provides essential support to parents with new-born babies, typically for up to six weeks following the birth. Duties may include providing advice on feeding, bathing, sleeping,

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Maternity Nurse (non-medical) Level 4 Online

A Maternity Nurse provides essential support to parents with new-born babies, typically for up to six weeks following the birth. Duties may include providing advice on feeding, bathing, sleeping,

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Maternity Nurse (non-medical) – Free Taster

Thinking about taking our Maternity Nursing (non-medical) Course? Then why not try our taster which covers many topics including the Role of a Maternity Nurse, Physical Needs of a New Mother, Reflexes, Jaundice and more. E-Certificate Included!

Common Core Skills and Knowledge

This course covers the Common Core Skills and Knowledge for the childcare workforce, which is the required training for anyone wishing to register on the voluntary part of the Ofsted childcare register (vOCR).

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Sleep Practitioner Level 5 Online

More and more parents are turning to Sleep Practitioners to help guide them when having sleep difficulties with their children. This programme equips you with all the techniques & knowledge to help support parents with their baby or child’s sleeping.

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Child Nutrition and Healthy Eating

This course teaches you how to approach a healthy diet for children, as well as an introduction to nutrition.

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Fussy eating online

Fussy eating affects most young children. Learn about what defines fussy eating, why it occurs and how to deal with it.

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How Babies Communicate

This free online session discusses the 5 methods of how to encourage baby’s communication skills; Baby talk, smile and pay attention, imitate your baby, talk often to your baby, and baby cues. E-certificate included!

Loving Boundaries

This free 30 minute course will look at loving boundaries, fostering independence and empowering toddlers in positive choice making. E-certificate included

Workshops and Short Courses

Increase your knowledge in specialist areas with the workshops below.

Bi-weekly slots

6h & 12h Paediatric First Aid

09:45 AM-03:45 PM
Marlborough Primary School, Draycott Ave, Chelsea, London SW3 3AP
date released soon

Introduction to CACHE Level 3 Diploma

10:00 AM-02:00 PM
2-4 Kenway Road, Earls Court, London, SW5 0RR

Managing Behaviour in 4-11 year olds

10:00 AM-03:00 PM
Marlborough Primary School, Draycott Ave, Chelsea, London SW3 3AP
November 2020


12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Virtual classroom
November 2020


12:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Virtual classroom
November 2020


12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Virtual classroom


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Here are what our students have said about their experiences on our courses

  • Client Image

    "After taking the Common Core Skills course I also decided to take a maternity course after my very positive experience with HATA. All the trainers were so professional and had lots of experience in their fields. It really gave me a newfound confidence in my skills, especially after my boss went on to have a second baby."

    • Piroska
  • Client Image

    I have completed all my training through HATA (apart from my Hypnobirthing Practitioner) Sleep Training, Healthy Eating, First Aid, Maternity Nurse Training and the OFSTED Course. I have made a lot of friends through HATA a lot of which I speak to on a daily basis. I will continue to promote HATA to all my friends and those in this profession. I can honestly say that every course I have done with HATA has affected my profession in a good way. I have also made so many life long friends.

    • Alexandra
  • Client Image

    Hata change my life,i meet new friends,the trainer was a lovely women Julie,she maked me have confidence in me,i meet new friends and i introduced old friends,this course is amazing i applied lot of things i learned in my practice and i can see the difference,I feel more secure i feel that i know perfect what i am doing.So if you love babies,if you Want to earn good money or just feel more confident taking care of your new baby definitely just HATA i guarantee you wont regret !:)

    • Ami


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Expert Tutors

Our professional tutors have years of experience working in the childcare profession and are there to support you throughout your training.

Variety of Courses

We have a range of courses to meet your academic goals in a variety of careers within the childcare profession.

High quality training

Working with children is an important responsibility and all our training is taught to the highest quality ensuring you meet industry standards and beyond.

Student support

All of our courses come with world class student supports. We know how important it is to feel supported and we encourage students to always seek help from us when needed. All our expert tutors are on standby to help you through your training ever step of the way

Professional standards

Working within the Childcare profession is a rewarding career that holds great responsibility. Our vision is to increase the professional standards within the industry by teaching the most up-to-date curriculum and equipping students with relevant and useful skills that will prepare them for their careers.