About the Course

The course helps Practitioners to develop knowledge and understanding of emotional intelligence, not only  in  the Early years context, but also for themselves too.  Learners will be offered ideas to support an emotionally rich environment for children, tips on how to help children to communicate their moods, emotions and feelings, and how to effectively regulate them according to their development.

Who is the course suitable for?

Anyone dealing with children, including early years practitioners, nannies, childminders, au pairs, nursery workers and preschool leaders.

What is covered on the course?

  • What is emotional intelligence
  • Role of emotional intelligence in early years
  • Expressing, communicating and regulating  emotions
  • Understanding causes and consequences of emotions
  • How to promote Emotional Intelligence in babies and young children
  • Good practice in supporting emotional intelligence in early years
  • Emotional intelligence in caregiver or parent and effect on children


There is no formal assessment for this course


Learners will receive a certificate of completion by email after the event


The cost is £45


This course is 3 hours long.


This course is a live session, held in our virtual classroom, so no need to travel.

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