A career in childcare is very rewarding and there are many different career pathways to choose from. These are broadly distinguished by the place of work: either in a private home or in a public setting.

If you are yet to take your first steps into this industry, there are several entry points. Otherwise, if you are already working in childcare, you may be considering how to advance your career, whether that is taking on more responsibility or broadening your skills or knowledge. Or you may be considering a transition from one area to another. For instance from a more generalised position to moving into a particular specialisation.

We have broken down some of these childcare career pathways for you so you can explore each individually and learn how you can get started.

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Careers in Private Homes

These primarily focus on working either in your own home, or at the private home of a client.

Careers in Public Settings

These roles are all based in public settings, and these can be commercial companies such as private schools or nurseries, state-owned childcare providers, schools, or health clinics.