About this Course

This course has been designed to help understand how a healthy child’s brain functions, how it influences a child’s behaviour, and how to use this knowledge in practice. During the session, you will go through the common stressful situations children and their caregivers are experiencing, and discuss practical tips to help a child to calm down and consequently learn to self-regulate.

Positive guidance to manage a child’s emotions that often trigger unwanted behaviour is empowering to children to become successful and happy.

Who is the course suitable for?

Anyone dealing with children, including early years practitioners, nannies, childminders, au pairs, nursery workers and preschool leaders.

What is covered on the course?

  • Basic understanding how brain functions
  • Amygdala hijack (alarm system of the brain)
  • Triggering situations
  • Stress or misbehaving
  • Traumatised brain ( ACE)
  • Communication challenges
  • Positive calming communication
  • Polyvagal theory
  • Self-regulation


There is no assessment


The cost is £45


Learners will receive a certificate of completion by email after the event


This course is a live session, held in our virtual classroom, so no need to travel.

Course duration

The course is 3 hours long

Upcoming Dates

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