Working as a nanny, though it may have started as a random job, may become something much more serious, fulfilling and fun than you initially expected.

Some people think, or even say, that ‘working at home’ is not really a job that can be turned into a career – is that true?

Is a nanny only a second-best substitute for parents when they are not around?

Or is there anything more to their role?

Listening to stories shared by a great deal of nannies who completed various courses at London School of Childcare Studies it turns out that working as a nanny gives as many opportunities to grow, develop and achieve your career goals as any other job that the market has to offer.

The key questions that you need to ask yourself are:

  • Do you like looking after children?
  • What is your favourite age group?
  • Are you a proactive individual keen on using your creativity on daily basis?
  • Are you comfortable about working in somebody else’s home every day?
  • Finally, are you confident and assertive when it comes to discussing challenging issues with children’s parents?

There are no easy answers to some of those questions.

In particular when dealing with difficult parents or difficult children. But it is before you accept a nanny job offer (usually during your trial period) when you need to observe and learn all about the ‘chemistry’ with the family to decide if it is the right match for you. As long as you have a true passion and love for children and you are convinced that the parents will support you when dealing with difficult situations (tantrums, fights, fussy eaters, discipline issues and many more), the nanny job will give you a sense of real self-fulfilment and sheer joy.


Because what you do is not about beating sales records, dealing with endlessly pilling-up paperwork in an office or hanging on the phone with not-too-happy customers.

Being a nanny is about sharing love with children when their parents are not at home, being a part of their world and teaching them about truly meaningful things, learning to appreciate their hugs, kisses and cuddles that make your days really special. And there are also career prospects for ambitious nannies who want to become qualified child carers in the private sector – they can or even should expect a pay rise when having gained sufficient experience and completed relevant qualifications. The nanny job allows you to combine two very important elements that everyone expects from their ideal job – emotional satisfaction AND fair financial reward. And that is what makes it the best job ever!