‘ Are you a hermit Nanny?’

Being a Nanny is a fantastic and rewarding career choice. People decide to embark on this type of work because not only do they love taking care of children, but they also love the idea of being able to take those children on adventures.
Picnics, trips to the park, the zoo, playdates. There are plenty of opportunities for children to explore the world around them with their Nanny.
However, for some Nanny’s this really isn’t something that is possible. They may find that they have taken up work in a family that is not suitable to what they are looking for. It may be that they feel uncomfortable about allowing someone else to take their children out, or they may just out and out not trust you to be able to monitor their children whilst they are away from the home.

As a Nanny this can be incredibly demoralising. After all, your main hope is always that the person that employs you trusts you. But there can be some other reasons why it may not be ideal to become a hermit Nanny.

Being a hermit can be lonely

Working as a Nanny can lead to a touch of loneliness. Whilst you will have the children to talk to, that is about your limit, which means that you can feel all alone and that you have no-one around you. A great way to combat this is by heading out and about. Not only will it allow you to escape from the house, and those feelings of being pent up, but it will also give you the opportunity to speak to people and be social.

Is it good for the children?

Another reason why being a hermit Nanny might not be the ideal approach is because it isn’t entirely great news for the children. Just like adults, kids don’t like being stuck in at home. They need to let off steam and escape from the four walls of being indoors.

If you don’t get the chance to head out and about with them then you may find that their behaviour isn’t the best, which can make the job that little bit harder for you!

Make sure that you check the terms before you agree to the work

If the idea of being stuck at home with the children is not one that you like. Then you really need to avoid any situations whereby you could become a hermit Nanny. Make sure that you check with your prospective employers before you agree to take up the job. The last thing that you want is to find that you are working with kids that you love, but in an environment that isn’t one that you want to be.
Working as a Nanny is great, particularly if you love kids. However, it can be a lonely job at times. Rather than find yourself getting disappointed in your career choice, and considering making a move, try to change your habits to make it work better for you!