To register on the Voluntary Part of the OFSTED Register you first need to obtain a DBS Certificate via Capita.
If you are unsure about your individual circumstances please call the DBS Helpline on: 0870 850 2516 for advice and information.
Gather all necessary ID documents and details of your debit/credit card together so that you are ready for the application process.
For this you will need:
• a debit/credit card so that you can pay for the DBS
• originals of ID documents – a list of the suitable documents can be found in this link:


Complete the online DBS application process, including providing payment.
Start your online application for the DBS via Capita e-bulk. Please go to the link below to do this:
Where you are asked for: ‘Capita Organisation Reference’ type: ofSTEDP
You will also be asked to enter a password – just leave this blank.

The process involves completing the DBS application form, paying for the DBS via debit/credit card (see example of the costs below) and eventually completing the ID check. Only once you have paid and completed the application can you go on to supply the information they require regarding your proof of identity (STEP 3). Once your application is complete you will be issued with a DBS application reference number.
For general information on the process of applying for a DBS see here:

DBS Costs:

1 DBS Enhanced Disclosure fee £40.00

2 Online application administration fee £6.80
or Paper/postal application administration fee £9.46
3 ID check completed by responsible person (click here for details) £1.30
or ID check completed at the post office £12.75

For example if you are applying online and having your IDs checked via a responsible person you will be charged £48.10 (£40 + £6.80 + £1.30)

Complete ID checking process.
After applying for a DBS, Capita must also be satisfied about your identity. There are two ways in which to have your ID checked.
To process the ID check you can complete an “Identity Checking Form”
To download the “Identity Checking Form” click here:
The process involves gathering relevant ID and completing the above mentioned form. As the applicant you need to complete Part A of the form and then have someone from the list of ‘acceptable professions for responsible persons’ look at your documents and complete Part B.

The above link details the list of the documents you can use and the people who can verify your documents as well as providing details on exactly what you need to do during the process.

Finally, the completed form and photocopies of relevant documents need to be scanned and sent to: or alternatively they can be faxed or posted (full details on the link above).

This process is the cheapest way to have your ID checked.



If you do not have a person to check your documents then you can just go to your local post office and they will check your identity for a charge of £7.15. This involves taking your original ID documents and photocopies of your documents to a post office with your payment and the necessary completed form. A copy of the form and the documents that you can take are detailed here

More general information on this step can also be found here:

You do not have to register with this service but if you are interested in doing so then please see the link below for full details:

Once you have obtained your DBS Certificate you are ready to Register on the Voluntary part of the OFSTED Register.

Please go to the link below and sign up for a Government Gateway account. You need to register and have an account to use the online services. During this process you will be given a Government User ID (12 digit number), please keep this safe. If you want to speak to someone about your application to Register or need any help with the process please call the Ofsted Helpline on: 0300 123 1231

For additional tips on how to complete the online form please see the below:
Once you are logged in/registered a “Welcome to Ofsted’s on-line Services” message appears.
Click on the link on the left hand side of the page that says “Online Applications”.
On the next screen click on the text on the left hand side of the page that says “CR1 Application” this is the Application form for the Childcare Register. This form is the correct form for home child carers (nannies) to complete.
The information you will need to complete the application is:
• Ofsted URN or application reference
• Full five year address history
• Details of qualifications and training
• Details of referees

And you will need to complete the following sections of the online form:
A: Type of Provision
A1) select 3rd tick box – home child carer
A2) select 2nd tick box – voluntary
B: Applicants details – need to supply name, email address, date of birth and addresses for the last 5 years etc.
E: Setting details.
F: Suitability and Disqualification.
I: Consent – finally consent and submit.
There is also a section at the top of the Welcome page that says “Guidance” – click on this if you have any problems with your Gateway account or click here:
Once you submit your registration Ofsted will then send you an acknowledgement with an EY reference number, this will need to be quoted if you contact them. Once you are registered this number is replaced with a Registration Number.

They will send you any necessary information plus details on how to pay the registration fee (which is currently £103 for Home Child Carers and has to be renewed annually). Ofsted aim to complete applications within 12 weeks and within this time applicants must pay an application fee, confirm that they have met the requirements of the childcare register, and satisfy any suitability checks needed to establish suitability for registration.
You will also be asked to send your Certificates – The Common Core Skills & Knowledge certificate and 6 Hour Paediatric First Aid Certificate – either by post or by email.
Once your registration has been successful Ofsted will issue you with your Certificate.