When approaching a potential employer or agency, there are a number of factors that you need to consider. Remember,  you are selling yourself, and the initial email or letter is the first impression your potential employer will have of you… so, it needs to be good!

The first thing you need to consider before sending your application is whether your CV is good enough. It is important to make sure your CV has all the correct information and is set out right. If you are unsure, pop onto the internet and search for some examples.  Also, remember to put all of the relevant information on your CV, which you can cater towards specific jobs. If the job calls for extensive cooking experience, then make sure you highlight your cooking experience in your CV.

Secondly, employers receive hundreds of applications, so make sure that your reply to any advert is personalised with a greeting and some information about yourself. Employers can tell when candidates have not read the job spec properly. Apply for jobs that you are suitable for, and tell the client or agency WHY you are suitable.

Finally, always make sure YOUR contact information is correct. Often, we will receive CVs from potentially wonderful candidates, who have listed an incorrect telephone number. Check and double check your phone number and email address before sending your application.

Good luck and happy job hunting!