The job market in the UK can be extremely competitive. We want you to have the best chance when applying for jobs with childcare agencies and families so we’ve put together 5 tips you should use when writing your CV. These points may seem obvious but it is amazing how many people don’t use them when writing their CVs.

1. Add an introductory paragraph at the start of your CV summarising your experience and key qualities – this will encourage the recruiter to keep reading if they think you would be good for the position.

2. Make sure you highlight the points in your experience that are most relevant to the job you are applying for – for example, if you have experience with newborn babies and that’s what the job requires making sure you highlight this.

3. Keep points short and sweet and avoid any unnecessary information – this makes it easier for recruiters to read – remember they could have a lot of CVs to look at.

4. Use bullet points to list your responsibilities in each job.

5. Check spelling, grammar, and layout – your CV should look professional and as if a lot of thought has gone into it.