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    "After taking the Common Core Skills course I also decided to take a maternity course after my very positive experience with HATA. All the trainers were so professional and had lots of experience in their fields. It really gave me a newfound confidence in my skills, especially after my boss went on to have a second baby."

    • Piroska
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    I have completed all my training through HATA (apart from my Hypnobirthing Practitioner) Sleep Training, Healthy Eating, First Aid, Maternity Nurse Training and the OFSTED Course. I have made a lot of friends through HATA a lot of which I speak to on a daily basis. I will continue to promote HATA to all my friends and those in this profession. I can honestly say that every course I have done with HATA has affected my profession in a good way. I have also made so many life long friends.

    • Alexandra
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    Hata change my life,i meet new friends,the trainer was a lovely women Julie,she maked me have confidence in me,i meet new friends and i introduced old friends,this course is amazing i applied lot of things i learned in my practice and i can see the difference,I feel more secure i feel that i know perfect what i am doing.So if you love babies,if you Want to earn good money or just feel more confident taking care of your new baby definitely just HATA i guarantee you wont regret!:)

    • Ami
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    • Luis Heirkens
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