About the course

This course equips you with all the necessary techniques and knowledge to feel confident when working as a Maternity Nurse. You will learn how to approach parents in a professional and considerate way and how to effectively communicate the best methods available to them based on their individual needs.

Your training will consist of a practical weekend at our training centre, or e – learning videos, Q & A live sessions with our  trainers, plus an additional 4-6 weeks’ worth of online mentoring, to support you through your assignments outside of the classroom.

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Course structure:

Classroom and Online:
Level 3 : 4 weekly Q&A 30 min live session
Level 4 : 6 weekly Q& A 30 min live session, 3 CPD courses
Access to What’s app and Facebook group

Classroom students: Pre course e – learning approx. 6 hours
Online only : Course e-learning approx. 20 hours
To book online course go here : https://hatacademy.thinkific.com/

Upcoming Dates:


Maternity Nursing Course OCN Level 3 & 4 | 24th – 25th of October 2020De Vere, 9 -10 Portland Place, Oxford Street, London W1B 1PR
  • October 24, 2020 11:00 am

This Course is available Online:


Previous experience working with babies is essential to completing this course. You are required to have a good level of English to understand the course trainer and complete the assignments.


The course is accredited by OCN (Credit4Learning)

About The Trainer


Julie Heginbottom has 23 years’ experience in childcare including as a nanny, maternity nurse and sleep consultant. She holds an NNEB, a degree in Early Years and is a qualified nutritional therapist, childcare tutor and assessor. Julie has worked extensively with many different families through her own consultancy and aims to empower parents, finding solutions that fit their lifestyle and philosophy rather than advocating a one-size-fits-all approach. As a trainer Julie applies these same principles, prioritising up-to-date, essential information but allowing each student to find their own niche. Julie has collaborated with LSCS on a wide range of courses, bringing us her considerable experience and perspective as a nanny and maternity nurse.

Training Location

2-4 Kenway Road, Earls Court, London, SW5 0RR


Following the completion of your pre-course learning you will attend a weekend at our training centre. This weekend will be a mixture of group activities and discussions, to further cement your knowledge and cover level 3 & 4 in more detail.

The weekend at the training centre is a great experience and you will be learning from the very best trainers who are all experienced within the childcare profession.


• Baby Bathing
• Swaddling
• Breast feeding-Optimal Positioning
• Top and Tailing
• Kangaroo Care
• Child Development (including theorists and research)
• Reflux
• Colic
• Dehydration
• Bonding & attachment
• Skin Care and sun protection
• Sterilising and Making Feeds
• Comforting and soothing techniques
• PND & Baby Blues
• Logs and Record Keeping
• Caring for premature babies & LBW
• Storage of breast & bottle feeds


• Swaddling
• Breast feeding-Optimal Positioning
• Kangaroo Care
• Interpreting Nutritional Information


• Illnesses, including Meningitis
• Matching Developmental Milestones to Ages
• Poor Weight Gain
• Skin conditions
• Failure to Thrive Infants
• Routines
• Case Studies
• Being a reflective practitioner

Upon completing this weekend, you will have all the necessary skills and knowledge to complete your assignments to earn your accreditation. Where most training providers will say goodbye at this point, we will continue to support you throughout your assignments through our 4-6 week mentoring & webinar programme, based on the level of course you have booked onto.

Webinar and Q&A Content

Once you have completed you weekend training we will then move onto our weekly mentoring Q&A sessions via Zoom. During the 4-6 weeks you will have assignments to complete. Each assignment is based on developing skills that will help you build confidence and understand how to put your learning into practice. Each session will be informative, and you will leave having a minimum of one assignment to complete.

Webinar 1

1. Understand the physiology of Breastfeeding and how to support mothers with positioning and recognising breast problems as they may arise and how to deal with these situations.
2. Understand infant illnesses, what to look out for and what steps you should take.

Webinar 2

3. How to best promote your services.
4. Weaning and nutritional needs of a baby. Example of meal planner suitable for a 7– months old baby.

Webinar 3

5. Understand SIDS and how to guide parents on safe sleeping.
6. Understanding the developmental milestones of 0 – 12 months.

Webinar 4

7. Understand how to keep babies active via play and learning.
8. Understand weaning and how-to best guide parents.

WEBINAR 5 (level 4 students only)

1. How to keep professional logs of how you support a family.
2. Understanding how to recognise reflux, signs and symptoms and ways to support families experiencing GER and GERD with their babies. Understand short and long term complications which are associated with reflux.

WEBINAR 6 (level 4 students only)

3. Building a deeper knowledge of infant attachment theories and what these mean in practice.
4. Explore the impact prematurity and LBW can have on child development.
5. Understand Post Natal Depression and how to support parents in recognising signs and symptoms; the difference between Baby Blues and PND and when to call for additional help




At the end of the course you will need to complete a number of assignments to demonstrate what you have learned. Depending on which Level/s of accreditation you have chosen will determine how many assignments you will need to complete.

As part of our Maternity Nurse course, we offer a 4-6 week mentoring program that includes weekly webinars and live Q & A sessions, with our expert trainer. During these sessions, the trainer will go through the requirements of each assignment and answer any questions you may have. If you are unable to attend the live sessions we can send you a recording to catch up on in your own time. The trainer is also there to support and mentor you throughout this time.

You can choose to complete the assessments in your own time, within 6 weeks is preferred. Your assessments will be marked by the trainer who will contact you about your results. If you successfully pass your assessments, you will receive a certificate from London School of Childcare Studies showing the grade you have achieved along with an accredited certificate from OCN Credit4Learning.

Extensions: In a situation where you are unable to complete our assessment within the time frame give, you can put in a request for a time extension, but this must be accompanied by a valid reason for the extension.

Additional CPD courses

We are committed to your continued professional development and as part of this course we offer additional CPD courses to help further your career.

For learners who book onto our Level 4 Maternity Nurse course, you will also have the option to choose 2 Additional CPD courses from the following options;

Starting Solids:
Baby Massage

Coming Soon:
Tongue Tie
Birth Trauma

Work Experience

As part of this course you will have the option to take part in our Work Experience programme where we can organise paid & unpaid placements. This will provide you with a valuable opportunity to use your new skills and knowledge and build your confidence.

Upon successful completion of your Work Experience you will be awarded with a reference from the family which can be used to promote yourself to new clients.

Support will also be available for you if you wish to receive any help with drafting and updating your CV.

Visit our Work Experience page to find more information about our programme.