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An important, but perhaps at times overlooked skill is that of self-promotion. We are here to help you in your journey in promoting your services. Very often it is not so much about what you offer, but rather how you present it – in other words how you sell and market yourself.

We are planning to do two 1-hour webinars with Kirsty Nicholson. Kirsty, following a career in HR management and recruitment, decided to set up her own business, Forward Career, to coach women on their journey to success.

Before that, we would like something from you. To be able to help you in the best way we can, we would be grateful if you could let us know what you need the most help with?

Of the list below, please indicate 2 topics you want most help – MOST IMPORTANT , and 2 of the ALSO INTERESTED  items, that we will be looking to help you next:


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Here are what our students have said about their experiences on our courses

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    "After taking the Common Core Skills course I also decided to take a maternity course after my very positive experience with HATA. All the trainers were so professional and had lots of experience in their fields. It really gave me a newfound confidence in my skills, especially after my boss went on to have a second baby."

    • Piroska
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    I have completed all my training through HATA (apart from my Hypnobirthing Practitioner) Sleep Training, Healthy Eating, First Aid, Maternity Nurse Training and the OFSTED Course. I have made a lot of friends through HATA a lot of which I speak to on a daily basis. I will continue to promote HATA to all my friends and those in this profession. I can honestly say that every course I have done with HATA has affected my profession in a good way. I have also made so many life long friends.

    • Alexandra
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    Hata change my life,i meet new friends,the trainer was a lovely women Julie,she maked me have confidence in me,i meet new friends and i introduced old friends,this course is amazing i applied lot of things i learned in my practice and i can see the difference,I feel more secure i feel that i know perfect what i am doing.So if you love babies,if you Want to earn good money or just feel more confident taking care of your new baby definitely just HATA i guarantee you wont regret !:)

    • Ami

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